What we did

Launched in November 2021

The brief

Create a software for the entertainment Industry that functions like Thumb tack. You can find singers & schedule & hire them & they deliver a live song performance to someone’s door step or at the location ordered for independent hire.
Deliver a song performance by someone for occasions , singer will have portable speaker with them.




  • They can order a la carte upgrades to the order like ordering a cameraman to capture performance and moment of the performance.
  • Order flowers to be delivered along with performance.
  • Order card to be delivered too with performance.
  • Customers can request a 15 sec song preview by the music artist, from the music artist profile, where the music artist will be able to send a sample of them performing the song they customer is thinking of having them perform for their order…to see if they can do it well.
  • Music artists can send 15 sec song performance preview samples to the customers who request them so they can see if the music artist can perform the song well.
  • Music artists can have music performance samples on their profile of them singing , for portfolio purposes. They submit these samples during onboarding & they have to be approved by admin before they can be posted on artists profile.